The Fundamental of Futures

The Fundamental of Futures

  • Explore what is futures contract and why it is the BEST instrument to use in down market
  • Learn about the most important function of futures trading and how do you dissect the information to increase the chances of making more money

Discover Technical Analysis

1. Learn the Technical Indicators most suitable for Futures Trading2. Identify Explosive & Repeatable price patterns to rack in Fast Cash in the shortest period of time.

Fundamental Analysis

1. Identify Economics Indicators that could impact Futures Market2. Understand how World News could affect Futures Market

Trading Strategies & Techniques

1. How to minimize your risks & maximise your profits2. How to set your stop loss for maximum impact on your strategies

Trading Mindsets

1. Learn about the 10 Powerful Trading Mentalities2. Learn to Avoid the 10 Common Trading Mistakes