Duration : 3 Days

Level : Beginner

Program Description

Build your Future with Futures Workshop 1 (BFF 1) aims to provide a PRACTICAL & STRUCTURED syllabus to the public on futures trading. Each workshop features 2 sessions (theory and a hands-on FUTURES trading simulation game).


The first session will introduce beginners to the world of Futures Trading. The trading simulation session will then provide an interactive learning experience in a group format for participants to make market decisions together.

What You Will Learn

1. What is Futures contract and why it is the best trading instrument in falling markets
2. How to trade Futures contracts in both bull and bear markets
3. Learn about the most important function of Futures trading and how to dissect the information to increase your profits
4. When to react to market news to increase chances of making trading gains and when to stay away
5. Why having a risk management plan can help you to position yourself to “WIN THE GAME” in Futures trading

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