Axcelearn Trading Mastery (ATM)

Duration : 2 Days

Level : Intermediate to Advance

Program Description

You will learn how to identify consistant winning systems using proven scientific method (statistical back-testing) and quickly turn losing systems into profitable ones.

What You Will Learn
  1. Moving Average & Trend Trading
    The MUST LEARN Trend Following Principles to make massive profits.
  2. Proven Trading Strategies
    Clear Entry and Exit points to capture high quality & profitable trading opportunities.
  3. Comprehensive Trading System
    Maximize profits & Minimize risk with the 5 Key Performance Indicators (K.P.I.) to validate your trading strategies and back tested results.
  4. Effective Risk Management & Risk Control
    Protect yourself from downside risk and grow your wealth steadily.
  5. Strict Money Management
    Ensures long-term trading success & survival to achieve your financial goals.
  6. Winning Trading Mindsets
    Winning the Inner Game of A Profitable Trader.
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